IMPETUS Afea Solver 3.0b




IMPETUS Afea Solver is a general non-linear finite element software for predictions of large deformation behavior of materials. Such deformations usually occur in components and structures subjected to extreme loading conditions.

Our vision is to provide the best simulation aided engineering competence and our software is based on a selection of highly accurate and innovative algorithms. IMPETUS Afea Solver utilizes GPU hardware technology, enabling accurate results at high computational speed and low hardware investment costs.

IMPETUS Afea Solver is a tool for decision making, developed under our motto Precision for Decision. This is about being able to make the right decisions based on your computational results. The number of numerical parameters that the user has to provide as input has been kept at a minimum, with a clear focus on simplicity, accuracy and robustness.

Within our niche we strive to provide an as complete software as possible. However, like every tool IMPETUS Afea Solver has its limited range of applicability. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support for advice.

Validation, where numerical results are compared with corresponding experimental tests, should always be part of the engineering process when using non-linear finite element tools. Live tests to establish confidence in your model can never be excluded. However, they can be reduced when working with the IMPETUS Afea Solver and, thus, save you both time and money.

Users of the IMPETUS Afea Solver come from many different markets: oil&gas, defence, aerospace, automotive amongst others. Despite the differing applications, we identify key similarities in the modelling challenges and develop new functionalities in the software. We continuously strive to innovate in order to improve IMPETUS Afea Solver, relishing your challenges.

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